What You Need To Understand About Managing Pain

Pain is something that people often get wrong when asked to define it, and many people also associate pain with something like an injury. However, what pain really is can best be described as electrical impulses that go from one part of the body to the brain, and that is when people experience pain. When people have pain that does not go away, they need to consult experts on pain, and these medical professionals are called pain management doctors.

Injection Treatments For Chronic Pain Management

The first time that patients meet up with pain management doctors, there are a lot of questions that may come to mind, and some people actually write some of them down on San Diego Pain Managementa piece of paper to take with them. People may also need a notepad handy with them because they may have questions, but they also might want to write down questions they have about the treatments that the doctors and nurses might discuss with them, and here is more information on injection treatments that doctors might want to try to help their patients with chronic pain:

•    Epidural steroid injections: These are a series of three injections that are given in the lower back. For some people with chronic pain, the pain-relief can be for a few months all the way up to one year.

•    Lumbar epidural steroid injections: For people who have a pinched nerve, there can be a lot of pain in the lower body. A way to treat the pain is with this lumbar injection. The steroid is injected in an area of the lower back called the epidural space, using a surgical procedure, and after two weeks, if the pain has not subsided, then there may be a need for a second injection.

•    Facet joint injections: Also known as Z joints, these joints are located on either side of the vertebrae. To get an injection, a patient will have to undergo a minor medical procedure that will be use X-ray and a fluoroscope. With the injection, pain relief is instant, and people will have no pain for at least six months to one year.

•    Sacroiliac joint infections: Problems with the sacroiliac joints can cause people to have a lot of pain in the lower section of the back, the buttocks, and the legs. Typically, it is only one joint on one side of the body causing problems. Using x-rays, the injection is given into the sacroiliac joint, and it does provide long term pain relief.

Understanding pain is the first step in treating it, and pain management doctors San Diego San Diego Pain Managementhelp their patients understand what it is. Also, people tend to have a lot of questions they want to ask their doctors, and it is always a good idea to have a paper with these questions written down. Some of the most common questions are about pain treatments used especially the variety of injection treatments that are available. There are other treatments that people can use in addition to the shots, and the combination may be the perfect mixtures to finally find the relief they are looking for.