The 4 Revolutionary Pain Treatments Of The 21st Century

Pain management medicine has evolved over the years and patients now undergo high quality, non-invasive treatments that enable them to enjoy a higher quality of life. Pain management treatments don’t just eliminate pain, but also help restore the patient’s mobility and flexibility by dealing with the underlying problem or what many would call the root cause. Today, we are highlighting four pain treatments that have brought revolutionary changes to the medical world.

Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)

Pain Clinic San DiegoRadio frequency ablation (RFA) is a pain treatment that incorporates the use of electrical current to destroy nerve tissue consequently reducing pain. When a nerve is heated using radio-frequency energy, it is destroyed and therefore cannot send pain signals. The destroyed nerve will eventually grow back over a span of six to 18 months which means that the patient gets extended relief and sometimes even long term pain relief. Research shows that about 70 percent of the patients that undergo RFA treatment recorded positive results.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

Spinal cord stimulation also involves the use of electric current with the aid of a tiny pulse generator that is implanted on the patient. The implant is placed under the skin on the patients back where it produces electric pulses to interrupt pain signals from reaching your brain. The electric pulses are mild and tolerable and feel like mild tingling sensations as opposed to pain. However, you need to know that the stimulation only interrupts pain signals and does not cure the source of the pain. The main aim of this spinal stimulation treatment is to reduce pain and give the patient a chance to live an active life.
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The MILD Procedure

The minimally invasive lumbar discectomy known simply as MILD is a spinal surgical procedure that removes parts of the damaged spinal disc or the entire disc depending on the extent of the damage. The procedure is minimally invasive and is conducted via a small incision made on the back. This treatment relieves spinal nerve pressure from the spinal disc and this may be brought about by a herniated disc. This procedure has yielded positive results and because it is performed using modern minimally invasive techniques, there are minimum chances of post operation infections.


Kyphoplasty is yet another surgical pain management treatment. This surgical procedure is done to help relieve back pain brought about by spinal fractures. Kyphoplasty can reverse spinal deformities and restore the normal height of the vertebra. Just like MILD, this too is a minimally invasive surgical option as it is conducted through a small incision on the back. Unlike other pain treatments, Kyphoplasty doesn’t just deal with the pain but the root cause which means that the patient will not have to undergo other treatments after the operation. That said; the surgery also comes with its fair share of complications just like other surgical procedures.
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All these treatments are great and do a good job of treating back related pain. Your doctor should be in a position to explain the pros and cons of each and recommend the best treatment for your condition.