Why Athletes Should See A Chiropractor

Why Athletes Should See A Chiropractor

Your chiropractor will look for vertebral subluxations and then fix those vertebral subluxations by making physical adjustments to your spine. The treatments your chiropractor gives you are intended to restore both your spin and nervous system so that San Diego Pain Clinicthey are functioning optimally, which maximizes your body’s performance, improves its healing ability, and can manage pain.

Anyone who participates in sports or athletic activities will find a regular visit to a chiropractor beneficial as it will keep your spinal column balanced and your nervous system optimized. What many are not aware of is that chiropractic adjustments can be very helpful in managing pain – even eliminating pain.

According to the the American Journal of Pain Management, each year more than 25 million people see a doctor because of sports/athletic injuries. Annually the cost of treatment is more than $67 billion dollars.

Athletes suffer from acute and traumatic injuries. A traumatic injury is the result of an unforeseen force, a sudden impact, or repetition. A traumatic injury can become acute if the injury does not resolve and there is ongoing pain. It’s important to listen to your body – if you are having pain, then you need to address it. Being in constant pain is not healthy Degenerative_Scoliosisand it indicates that there is still a problem that has not been addressed. When symptoms are ignored, injuries can become chronic and you can find yourself dealing with chronic pain.

There are all kinds of medications that can be used in dealing with pain and there are numerous treatments used to deal with injuries. One of the most overlooked treatments is chiropractic treatment. By regularly seeing your chiropractor your body can be kept aligned and in balance, which reduces the likelihood of injury. Once injured your chiropractor can make adjustments that can help you to recover and eliminate pain.

Your chiropractor will focus on your nervous system and on your postural biomechanics providing the optimum environment for your body to be able to heal itself. Healing must always occur within your body. However, the research confirms chiropractic treatments do assist the body’s recovery.

A small study performed in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation, examined athletic performance and chiropractic care comparing the performance outcomes of the two groups where the experimental group was given scheduled chiropractic care for 6 weeks. The training schedule was identical in both groups and researchers used standard tests of athletic ability as the outcome measure. Results were significant in the reaction time category as the control group showed less than 1% improvement while the Chiropractic group showed an 18% improvement when comparing their initial scores.

Hospital ER departments handle many different non-fatal sports injuries. Traditional doctors specialize in the repair of tendons and ligaments, fractures and dislocations, and caring for lacerations. However, most athletes leave the ER with the same degree of subluxation that they entered the ER with.
Arthritis San DiegoChiropractors do not treat patients in the same manner as traditional doctors, instead focusing on the treatment of the whole body structure rather than just the injured body part. Your chiropractor also maintains your body’s health before an injury occurs.