FAQ’s on Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

The procedure known as radiofrequency ablation has been one of the top five advancements in pain management in the 21st century. It is a remarkable procedure that is also known as radiofrequency neurotomy radiofrequency denervation, BDO branch Rodime, RFA and more.

What is a radiofrequency ablation?

Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation of the neck deadens nerve endings and relieves neck pain for 6 to 18 months.

The procedure has a bit today, but the basic premise behind it is fairly simple. The garden of the procedure is to heat up the tiny nerve endings that are supplying Sunsation to a painful joint and get those nerve endings to reduce pain.

The procedure uses radiofrequency energy to accomplish its goal. It works extremely well, and has become one of the best performing procedures for long-term pain relief. Patient to have the procedure one for next back pain often achieved 12 to 18 months of considerable really.

Will benefit from a radiofrequency innervation?

Individuals who are suffering from chronic neck or back pain typically benefit tremendouslyRadio Frequency Ablation San Diego from an RFA What a person develops arthritis in the thumbnail size but that joints of the spine, a radiofrequency procedure and dad and the nerve endings supplying sensation of those joints.

Along with radiofrequency neurotomy being performed for chronic neck and back pain, the procedure is also binding usefulness for sacroiliac joint pain Along with some forms of single nerve peripheral neuropathy.

In addition, for certain types of migraines and occipital meralgia, calls radiofrequency ablation as shown to be very effective.

How are radiofrequency ablation procedures performed?

Prior to a patient undergoing at RSA, typically the initial step is for individual to have a medial branch block. This is a procedure where a San Diego pain management doctor will inject numbing medicine around the painful joint or joints to CF pain relief in the cheese. If it is 50 to 80% effective, insurance companies will typically approve it radiofrequency ablation when the pain relief from the medial branch block wears off.

In the case of an SI joint RFA, it is a lateral branch block that is performed initially. In the case of occipital meralgia migraines, it is an accident builder block first.

Radiofrequency ablation procedures are performed as outpatient. Pain management doctors in San Diego often do not use intravenous sedation for these procedures, but if an individual has anxiety, claustrophobia or previous experience with sedation it is included.

Discantus number along with the soft tissues down today area overlying joints being treated. Pontocaine – the doctors in San Diego used for Ossipee for these procedures. This is a real time but ask Ray helps ensure the most accurate placement of the needles off.

Special radiofrequency needles are positioned around the joints being treated, and then contrast material is injected to check the position. Also, the pain doctor will test the tip of the needle with electrical stimulus make sure it is not close to an actual nerve root. If an arm or leg jumps as a result, the details will be reposition.

Most commonly, he is applied to 80°C for about 90 seconds. Depending on the area of the body the paper treatment being performed this will vary.

Once the treatment is completed, Band-Aids are applied the patient is taken to the recovery room for monitoring. Semifinals I just table and no allergic reaction occurs, patients are able to go home in about an hour.

What are the outcomes of radiofrequency procedures?

Radiofrequency Ablation San DiegoThis procedures do not actually text any pain management problem. They can\’t however, provide long-term Anderlie that last anywhere from six months to 18 months. Numerous studies have been done looking at the effectiveness Of radiofrequency procedures for chronic neck or back pain. The average outcome as shown over 85% good to excellent results for a early last thing over six months. This means that patients need less opioid medication that work, and are able to increase their function significant.

There has also been a study looking at BPs radiofrequency procedures when the release where\’s off. The pain relief achieve the BP procedure was virtually as good as the initial RFA

New study looking at the Radiofrequency treatment of the SI joint has shown over 50% of patients achieve six months of Mainerli. For occipital meralgia and migraines, the results are the same at 50% achieving six months.

What are the risks of an RFA?

The risk of these procedures are small but real. There is a small risk of infection, nerve injury, leading Ed tell you what you think. There\’s actually a small chance that the patient pain make it temporarily worse due to muscle spasms as a result of the street.

This usually gets much better after a few weeks and painterly will truly kick in at that point. There is a very minor chance of nerve root injury, as why the pain doctor on electrical stimulation prior to commencing the radiofrequency energy

If you or a loved one suffering from chronic neck or back pain, as well as migraine, cluster or accidental headache and a radiofrequency ablation may work wonders long-term pain management.

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