Pain Clinics Deal With Back Injuries

Some people try and deal with pain on their own, and do not even think about the fact that their medical doctor can help them. It is not surprising that people may have misgivings about going to a doctor for pain, and there is the fear that something seriously is wrong with them. However, once people get the courage to go to their doctor, that medical professional is going to recommend that their patients go seek out a pain clinic and make an appointment to have a talk with the employees that work there so the mystery of their constant pain can be solved.

Pain Clinics Offer Various Treatments For Back Injuries

A pain clinic is a special facility that specializes in figuring out why people have chronic pain, do testing to see if the problem can be found, and then treat that pain with various methods. While not every pain can be completely resolved, some people do have Pain Management Doctors In San Diegotreatments that make the pain much more manageable. Here is more information one of the treatments that a pain clinic will have available to treat pain from a back injury and it is called a spinal infusion pump implant:

•    What is a spinal infusion pump implant?: Anyone that has ever had major surgery, woke up to find that they had a small device in their hand that was connected to a machine that had a needle in it filled with a pain numbing drug such as morphine. Whenever they had pain, all they had to do was push the button, and a drop or two of the morphine went into their IV tube. A spinal infusion pump implant is similar to that contraption, and the fact that the implant is actually put into their bodies via a small catheter.

•    Who is eligible for a spinal infusion pump implant?:When people have back pain, a pain facility is going to do everything they can to help relieve it. However, when all other pain treatments have failed, then it is recommended that the patient have this pump implanted into their bodies. People with conditions such as failed back syndrome, osteoporosis, and arthritis, are often the ones that are eligible for this pain-relief implant.

•    How long does the spinal infusion pump implant procedure take?: Once inside the operating room, the procedure to place the spinal infusion pump implant takes between 45 minutes to one hour to place the device into the intrathecal space.

•    How successful is the use of a spinal infusion pump implant to control pain?: After the healing time, people with this implant have reported to their physicians that their pain is relieved, and in the cases of those with severe pain, their pain was a lot less and more tolerable. The pain medication in the implant can last from three to six months, and then it is refilled via a tiny needle that is inserted into the device.The batteries within the device can last up to five years, and once the batteries are gone, the entire device must be removed and replaced.

People in constant pain need to talk to their doctor about it because they can find relief if that doctor recommends they go to a pain clinic San Diego. At one of these pain facilities, Pain Management Doctors In San Diegoa patient can talk about their pain, get evaluated, examined, and then there are many treatment options that people have to help control their pain. Together, patient and doctor can discuss the ways to treat their chronic pain, and it may take more than one treatment method in order to get effective pain relief.