FAQ\’s on Neck Pain

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Neck Pain affects people of all ages during some point of their lives. The part of the spinal column that forms the neck begins in the upper torso and ends at the base of the skull. These vertebrae, along with the ligaments attached to them, serve to help provide stability to the spine while providing support for the weight of the head.

What is Neck Pain?

It is a feeling of discomfort and pain that it felt on the back and spine area between the cushion discs, coming from the muscles, joints and nerves. It can be triggered by many different factors like throat infections, spine infections, tuberculosis, as well as bone problems and poor posture. Neck pain can also be caused by stiffness of the muscles as well as conditions that affect the upper spine area.

neck pain management  San DiegoAcute vs. Chronic Neck pain

Accidents, sports, vehicle accidents are also reasons why people suffer from acute neck pain. When the root causes of such pains are treated with medication, sometimes they do not last for more that 10 to 12 weeks, but when the medication does not provide positive results, then that is when it is considered chronic pain. Chronic neck pain needs to be checked up with a doctor or spine specialist.

Common causes of neck pain

There are a few reasons and causes for neck aches and pains and these include:

Neck Pain Clinics San DiegoWeak joints: Along with many parts of your body, the bones and joints in the neck also tend to wear out. They become weak due to age; this can cause a common problem in the neck called osteoarthritis.

Compression of the nerves: Bone spurs and discs in the neck and spine often take up additional space in the shoulder area causing a pressure to be put on the nerves that branch out of the spinal cord area.

Injuries: injuries that occur where the head is jerked forward and then backward, causing the soft tissues in the neck to stretch more than their limit, are called whiplash injuries. Any injuries that include collisions can cause neck pain.

Straining of muscles: overdoing of certain activities, like driving for hours, working at a desk with your back hunched, reading while lying in bed or even bending over for a long period of time, can cause the muscles to strain, hence causing neck aches.

Disease: Another common cause of neck pain, are a few diseases like meningitis, arthritis, and even cancer.

Symptoms of neck pain

There are various symptoms that lead to neck pain and problems, some of them are when a person feels pain in the side of your neck ears and shoulder, or in the chest, center of the head, even behind one’s eyes. With such pain, people suffering from this disease, would find it hard to move, would find their muscles fairly tighter and would have problem in moving their neck as freely as they normally would. Other symptoms would be blackouts and dizziness, numbness in the fingers, tiredness and restlessness. For those who have this question on their mind as to

Diagnosis of Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment San DiegoNeck pains can be diagnosed in many different ways, let’s take a look at some of the common ways.

X-rays: This test reveals tumors, shifted bones, slipped-discs, spine fractures etc.

MRI: This special test is known as magnetic resonance imaging and deals with problems that occur with ligaments and tendons in our body.

CT scan: This is an alternative method that is used in place of MRI.

How does a physician treat Neck pain?

The answer is there are many different treatments that could eradicate a neck pain problem. There are physical treatment therapies s like acupuncture, injections of local steroids, or bracing therapies (collars) that can be worn for support during. As a last resort- surgery-which is a very rare treatment method.


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