FAQ\’s on Joint Pain and Arthritis

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What is joint pain?

Joint pain is a term associated with pain during or after movement of any joints in the body. A simple joint connects two bones and gives the chance for flexion wherever it is present. Joint pain is one of the most common problems faced today. Joint pain can be Arthritis San Diegoextremely painful and can restrict motion as it is usually associated with movement.

What causes joint pain?

Pain in the joints of the body can be caused by a large variety of reasons. However, the most common reason for joint pain is arthritis and bursitis. According to Perlman and Roanne, joint pain is commonly associated with arthritis and bursitis (2006).

Arthritis is the condition which leads to the inflammation and stiffness and thus, causes pain during movement while bursitis is related to inflammation of a bursa (the fluid-filled sacs providing cushion between tendons, joints and muscle). Other causes include rheumatoid arthritis which is an auto-immune disease that attacks flexion joints, and a sprain which is related with the stretching of a ligament beyond its limit.

What are the symptoms of joint pain?

Joint pain symptoms are easy to identify and thus, it remains important that people visit their pain doctor in San Diego once these symptoms start to show. Joint pain is progressive in most cases, and since the pain worsens with time, there is no point in waiting for it to go away on its own.Knee pain doctor San Diego

The major symptom of joint pain is that you start to feel weary and start to restrict your movement. Moreover, pain in the joints be it hip joint, knee joint or shoulder joint before or after sleeping is a sign of joint pain too. Pain associated with activity may exacerbate in joints with arthritis.

How is joint pain diagnosed?

Whenever San Diego pain management doctors feel that your problem is related with joint pain, they might order the following tests. Each test is designed to locate a certain cause behind the joint pain and the results of each test confirm or negate the presence of a certain condition behind the pain.

Usually, the tests that are used for diagnosis of the cause behind joint pain are CBC, C-reactive protein, x-ray of the joint where the pain exists and blood tests to check for any autoimmune disorder. Often, swelling in the joint is usually visible inBest knee doctor San Diego x-rays by the time the person starts to feel pain (Lehman, 2004).

What are the Treatment Options for joint pain?

There are various treatment options available for people suffering from joint pain. Physical therapy remains one such treatment option where physical therapists help strengthen up the muscles around the joints to decrease pressure on the arthritic areas.

Medications remain another treatment option where painkillers and anti-inflammation medications are given so as to put an end to the joint pain. Muscle relaxants and anti-depressants might also be given for the same purpose.

Lastly, joint injections can also be given to help alleviate joint pain. These may include cortisone, hyaluronic acid (Synivsc), and other new options. While many treatment options are available, advice from the San Diego pain clinic doctor is necessary before any treatment option is pursued.

What is the bottom line with joint pain?

Knee pain San DiegoJoint pain can be extremely annoying as it has a real impact on your daily activities. Since it disrupts movement and causes severe pain, contacting a San Diego pain clinic for diagnosis as soon as you start to feel the symptoms of joint pain is a must. After taking medical advice, you would understand the underlying cause behind the joint pain and can then easily pursue a treatment option based on the problem identified by the doctor.

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