It is quite not good to have pain pills at every aspect of your pain. You might be suffering from debilitating pain but pain relief medicine is not the ultimate answer. For instance, a patient in his post-operative cancer treatment period requires instant relief. In this situation it is common for the doctors to prescribe a pain pill in a day. But apart from that no other patients are generally prescribed by doctors to intake pain killers.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Pain Management

In order to deal with your pain you need to talk to an expert. And a pain management clinic can help you in such a situation. The pain management clinics that are running in the San Diego region have a multi disciplinary approach for their pain treatments. They avoid the use of the pain pills and take up the cult of physiotherapy and other aspects to treat debilitating pains.

If we look into the current statistics we will find that a number of patients suffer from variety of pain. Some of them might require long-term care and some might not. The chronic pain might require counseling and proper medical treatment but other might get well soon with the use of light physical activities. So it is better to talk to a pain expert at a clinic who knows his profession in the best way.
The pain management clinic is not going to prescribe you pain pills for all factors rather they stand up for the three main propositions –

Pain Management propositions

  • They support the help of a physiatrist to treat the pain of their patients. They generally recruited bunch of specialist and trained physiatrist who specializes in medicine and various types of rehabilitation programs. They keep a close tab on the various chronic pain management programs.
  • You can sort out help from the group of counselors who work in close connection with pain management clinics. These people help the patients to learn cognitive behavioral skills to manage their pain, anxiety and variety of depression modes to put up a strong fight against their endless pain.
  • Now if you want to keep your body supple and make sure that it does not fall slack at any point of time, then it is better to refer a physiotherapist. These people are a group of medical practitioners who share their education on improving and maintaining strength and mobility of our body. It will help to treat pains with series of exercises both physically or with the use of physio equipments and treat pain easily.

This type of multidisciplinary approach to treat the pain in a different way is highly preferable because our pain types differ from each other. Thus, pain management clinics differ in their focus and offerings. However, teams of enriched healthcare professionals are no doubt the best and know the right solutions to treat pain without pills and keep the cognitive skills of the people churned.