FAQ’s on Ganglion Impar or Sacroccygeal Ganglion Nerve Block?

What is a Ganglion Impar Nerve Block?

The ganglion impar or Sacroccygeal ganglion is a bundle of nerves located within the coccyx (tail bone) that provides sensation to the nearby tissues. A complication in the pelvic or rectal regions can be treated with a ganglion impar nerve block toprovide relief.

A small amount of anesthetic into a nerve bundle to numb it, blocking the transmission of painsignals to the brain providing relief.

How does a Ganglion Impar Block work?

The ganglion impar provides sensation to the vulva, vagina, perineum, urethra, and anus. Any pain inthese areas can be treated with a Ganglion Impar Block. Apart from pain, patients may even experience bladder urgency, abdominal pain or burning sensation in the bladder due to Ganglion Impar.

How is the procedure done?

For the procedure, patients aremade to lie face down so that the ganglion becomes accessiblefrom the back. The area to be injected is sterilized and numbed with local anesthetic. The needle is carefully inserted once the skin is numb. The needle is guided into the ganglion using fluoroscopic imaging.Then the pain doctor injects a dye into the ganglion. This dye makes the nerves seen on X-ray, confirming its accurate position. Then an anesthetic is injected at the site..

For a diagnostic nerve block, a small amount of anesthetic is given. This allows the pain doctor to check the nerves’ reaction to the dosage. If sufficient relief is evident, a full dose of anesthetic is administered. This is known as a therapeutic block.

How successful is a Ganglion Impar Nerve Block?

There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • One outcome may be that there is no change in the symptoms. This is not a failure; rather it tells the doctor that tha ganglion impar is not the root cause of pain in the patient. This makes ganglionimpar block an effective diagnostic tool.
  •  The symptoms may return in some cases. This is another useful diagnostic tool since it means that ganglion impar is the source of pain. The recurrence of symptoms only means that the medication failed to provide sufficient relief.
  • The best outcome is that the symptoms go away. This shows that the anesthetic and the steroid proved effective and the therapeutic block issue successful.

What are the risks of a Ganglion Impar Nerve Block?

There is only a small risk of infection, bleeding, or swelling at the injection site. There may be an allergic reaction to the agents used in a rare case. Patients are monitored after the injection to ensure that this does not occur. The largest risk with this procedure is that it simply will not work.