Arthritis Of The Spine: Pain Management Doctors In San Diego Offer Treatment Options

If you have arthritis of the spine, you are not alone. This condition is essentially a degenerative joint disease where the protective cartilage of the vertebrae wears down, causing pain and swelling. Bone spurs may result as well.  This can cause weakness and pain in your arms and/or legs.

What contributes to arthritis of the spine?

Age has a lot to do with the development of arthritis, and the spine is no exception. The Pain Management Doctors In San Diegoname osteoarthritisis given for arthritis of the spine. Younger people may end up with it because of an injury to the joint or a genetic defect in the cartilage. If a person is overweight, this can add stress and wear the cartilage down. Wear and tear from jobs or sports that are repetitive in nature can also bring about osteoarthritis.

What are the symptoms to look for?

One of the more common symptoms that arise from osteoarthritis is neck and back stiffness as well as accompanying pain with it. There can be weakness and/or numbness in the legs and arms. It is severe, it may affect the spinal cord and its nerves as well. Depending on the severity, a person may live with the condition without problems, but if it is bad enough, it could disable a person.

How Can Pain Management Doctors in San Diego Help?

Ultimately, the treatment of osteoarthritis is focused on relieving the pain associated with it and working to increase the person’s ability to function. It is important to pain management doctors in San Diego to help a person have the best quality of life.


Medication is one of the steps to treating osteoarthritis. The medication prescribed initially will be non-steroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofenornaproxen. The drugs are good for reducing inflammation of the joints. If the inflammation is reduced, this will alleviate the pain associated with the swelling. Medication can take the edge off of the pain so that people can do their daily activities with less discomfort.

Physical Therapy

Your pain management doctors in San Diego may recommend physical therapy along with a regimen of medication. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps relieve some pain. Moving the joints prevent them from becoming stiff. Good examples of exercise are walking, strength training, and low-impact aerobics.

Other treatments

Other types of treatment interventions offered are TENS units and joint injections. TENS units help pain by sending light electrical impulses into the affected area. This is effective in many patients with osteoarthritis.

Joint injections are targeted to the area of pain in people with osteoarthritis. The injections contain a corticosteroid drug that is effective in reducing inflammation in the joint. This type of treatment alleviates the pain quickly and the patient gains more range of motion and mobility than before the injection. In many cases, they are administered in conjunction with physical therapy and NSAIDS. This provides the ultimate pain control in the arthritis sufferer.