FAQ’s on Abdominal Pain

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An abdominal pain is an ache occurring in the abdominal area. Abdominal pains are common and occur to many people many times. Some abdominal pains do not generally result from any serious cause, their diagnostic and treatment procedures are quite simple in most cases. However, some stomach pains may be a manifestation of a severe illness which may require the attention of a specialist.

The symptoms of Abdominal Pain

Any severe abdominal discomfort is considered a medical emergency. Severe stomach pains can be caused by several factors such as:

· IndigestionAbdominal pain treatment San Diego

· Food poisoning

· Stomach virus

· Menstrual cramps

· Lactose intolerance

· Food allergies

· Ulcers

· Gallstones

· Hernia

·Stones in the Kidney

· Infection in the Urinary tract

· Pelvic inflammatory disease

· Crohn’s disease

There are several reasons why a certain abdominal pain can be regarded a cause for concern. For instance, if the pain does not alleviate for several days, the patient might require seeing a doctor. Some stomach pains are accompanied by a difficulty to pass stool. Such a condition should be reported immediately especially if the patient is also vomiting. Pain that results from an injury of the abdominal area could be interpreted that the injury spread to the interior of the stomach. Fever and stomach tenderness are also symptoms of serious abdominal pains.

Crohn’s disease is an intestinal condition that causes pain in the lower left abdomen. Irritable bowel syndrome has the same effect as the Crohn’s disease but a specialist is able to distinguish them. Lactose intolerance, trapped air and constipation are digestive disorders which cause abdominal pains in the lower right abdomen.

What causes Abdominal Pain?

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Women can suffer abdominal pains due to several reasons. During their menstrual cycles, many women, especially in the young age bracket, are reported to experience abdominal cramps. Abdominal pain caused by menstruation alleviates naturally when the menstruation period is over. Ectopic pregnancies cause pain in the lower abdominal area in patients suffering from the condition. Pain can also occur as a result of endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

The main cause of a serious abdominal pain in men is a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are can be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease and an advice from a professional is necessary any time it’s experienced.

A chronic peptic ulcer can be a cause of a long- term abdominal pain. This is an open wound on the inner part of the stomach and may also occur on the abdomen.

Most abdominal pains fade away by themselves but there is always a need to visit a professional medical doctor if the pain persists.

How is Abdominal Pain diagnosed?

Patient evaluation determines the diagnosis method.Abdominal Pain Clinics San DiegoPatient evaluation determines the diagnosis method.

How a patient finds relief can also be a factor in diagnosis. This information can potentially tune a physician in on what is going on.

Abdominal Pain Treatment

Abdominal Pain Management San DiegoThe root cause is a primary factor in deciding upon a treatment. It may take time to narrow down the possible causes and treatment options. During this process, medication may be prescribed to relieve pain. In cases of onfection, antibiotics may be prescribed.

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